Frequently Asked Questions

Property Insurance

Can I purchase insurance for equipment that will be taken out of the country?

All Risk coverage is available for computer and miscellaneous equipment that is owned by NC State and not confined to a single physical location. We also provide the same coverage for loaned/leased items. Contact IRM to purchase the coverage.

What should our department insure?

A good rule of thumb is to insure anything you can’t afford to replace. The current property insurance deductible is $5,000. You must weigh the premium cost versus the potential insurance recovery when deciding whether or not to insure any property. IRM staff can help you decide what coverage suits your needs.

When should I contact IRM for property coverage?

Please contact us as soon as you have the property in your possession. If you are in need of a quote for cost, we can assist you with that as well.
Is there insurance coverage on the building and contents where my department resides?
At a minimum, all University-owned buildings and contents including transformers and substations listed with the NC Department of Insurance are required by State statute to be insured for Fire/Lightning coverage. This coverage is free to general funded (state-appropriated) departments. Receipts originated departments must pay a premium for Fire/Lightning coverage. All departments must pay the premium for any additional coverage requested. University departments are also responsible to notify IRM when a new building or contents are added to their inventory of buildings.

If my department moves/changes location on or off campus, does our insurance coverage follow us?

You must contact IRM if your department relocates property assets to another location. Property insurance coverage is location-specific.
Is the insurance for buildings and contents at replacement cost?
All covered buildings and contents are insured on a RCV (replacement cost value).
What does All Risk Insurance cover?
All Risk covers all perils that are not excluded, i.e., Fire (includes lightning), Windstorm, Hail, Explosion-4, Vandalism and Malicious Mischief (V&MM), Theft, Water, Transit, etc. Some items excluded are normal wear and tear and mechanical breakdown.

What is the current property insurance deductible?

The deductible is $5,000 per occurrence.
How do I determine the replacement cost of my equipment?
One way to determine replacement cost is from the purchase order if that equipment was purchased recently, or if any similar equipment has been purchased recently. Another way is to contact the manufacturer to determine what the cost is to replace your equipment with like, kind, and quality. If your equipment is no longer available, then get the replacement cost of the next most comparable unit.

When do I notify IRM about coverage needs?

You may obtain coverage anytime during the fiscal year. If you already have coverage in place, and you purchase new contents or equipment, notify us as soon as you receive the new items. After you have insured equipment with IRM, we will notify you of upcoming renewals and deadlines in order to maintain coverage. All property insurance renews on July 1st of each year with the NC Department of Insurance.

What do I do in the event of a property loss when there may be insurance coverage available?

Notify police if a crime may have been committed. Also notify IRM by completing the Property Loss Reporting Form by noon of next business day if you think insurance coverage may be applicable. If not sure, contact IRM for assistance.

Does the university have property insurance to cover my personal property on campus?

No, as a state institution, the university does not have property insurance that will cover personal and private property.

Can we purchase our own insurance coverage through a source other than IRM?

No. The State of North Carolina has statutory requirements for insurance purchasing by state agencies and institutions. The process of insurance procurement is centralized and must be arranged through Insurance & Risk Management (IRM). Please contact us and we will be happy to assist.


Business & International Travel

I need to travel out of the country; do I need the Business Travel coverage?

This optional coverage is ONLY available to paid NC State employees. This coverage provides medical care and medical/political evacuation services when you are out of the country. If you need to purchase this coverage, please submit your request 2 weeks in advance of your travel to allow us time to process.


General Liability Insurance

Our department is using a private facility for a special event or conference and they have requested we provide them a certificate of liability insurance. What do we do?

Contact IRM for assistance. NC State self-insures its general liability coverage, subject to the North Carolina Tort Claims Act. IRM can assist and provide a document as certification of our liability coverage.

I am a university employee. How am I covered for any liability that may arise from my actions while doing my job?

University employees, officers and agents have substantial protection against personal liability for acts or omissions that occur in the performance of their employment. These protections are defined by statute as well as the terms of an excess liability insurance policy. When a claim is made against a State employee, the Attorney General determines if legal defense will be provided. The Attorney General may refuse to provide defense under very limited circumstances, which may include, but are not limited to, situations arising when the employee was not acting within the scope of the employee’s State employment, or the act or omission resulted from the employee’s fraud, corruption or actual malice. In addition to protection provided under the Tort Claims Act and the Defense of State Employees Act, the State purchases an excess liability insurance policy that provides all State employees excess liability coverage beyond the statutory Tort claims limit of $1,000,000 paid directly by the university.


Vehicle Insurance

Who can drive an NC State vehicle (owned or leased/rented)?

Only employees on NC State’s payroll may drive state-owned vehicles and leased vehicles.

How to do obtain a copy of the vehicle insurance card for NC State vehicles?

The current vehicle insurance card can be accessed through this link (Unity password protected)

I rented a vehicle from Enterprise through the State Term Contract and was involved in an accident. What do I do?

Notify Enterprise and follow their claim procedures. As long as you rented the vehicle using NC State’s custom account number, the vehicle insurance was included in the daily rate.

I was in an accident in an NC State vehicle. What do I do?

Contact law enforcement to investigate all vehicle accidents. It is incumbent upon the employee to obtain all facts with respect to the other driver.
NC State employees should not admit fault or liability or make any statement relative to guilt or responsibility. Employees should provide law enforcement with the facts related to the accident.As soon as possible, complete the auto claim form online in the eRIMS2 system. Attach any photographs, police reports, rental agreements and other supporting information. IRM staff and/or a Travelers adjuster may contact you to confirm details about the accident.

Who is responsible for fixing our department vehicle following an accident?

For comprehensive and collision claims, the department is responsible for securing repair estimates and coordinating repairs. If a third party caused your vehicle damage, you should file a claim directly with the other driver’s insurance.

I sometimes use my personal vehicle on university business. Am I covered if I get in an accident?

According to the State of North Carolina, if you use your personal vehicle on university business, your personal automobile insurance policy is considered primary. In the event of an accident, you will be responsible for paying your deductible and the university’s insurance may only provide coverage when your policy limits have been exhausted. Coverage is extended on a case-by-case basis, depending on the facts of the accident. It is your responsibility to discuss any business use of your personal vehicle with your insurance company to ensure you have adequate personal coverage.

When I rent a car should I purchase the insurance coverage and loss damage waiver (LDW)?

Not if you rent a vehicle using the State Term Contract 975B Vehicle Rental Services. Full LDW coverage with no deductible and $1,000,000 liability is included in the rental rate when using the State contract. If you are unable to use the State contract, or are renting out of the country and cannot use Enterprise or National, you should purchase the insurance coverage provided by the rental company.