Strategic Initiatives Connections – January 2023

Strategic Initiatives – IT Services, Forms and Resources

Strategic Initiatives (SI) recently launched an IT services webpage, a one stop resource for what SI currently offers. From services to forms and resources, SI team members Brian, Chris, Laura, Tom, and Tony support a variety of IT needs: website updates, help with hardware or software, enterprise software access and support, telecommunications help, and REPORTER and Wolfware assistance. 

As you plan new programs or streamline existing options, there are resources available for use: Google Workplace, equipment loan program and more.  With the launch of our services webpage, we can now track requests and project timelines, promote communication and plan for the timely delivery of prioritized projects.  Super excited about more planning tools to come soon!

Annual Equipment Custody/Home Use Forms

Do you have portable NC State equipment in your possession? Yes. Do you have an assigned laptop for your flexible work arrangement and does that include a MiFi as well? Yes. What about a tablet and work cell phone? More than likely!

University departments are required to comply with various PRRs, including REG 07.30.14 Capital Assets – Home Use of Equipment.  Upon hire and annually after, the SI team is required to ensure that our University assets are accounted for and the renewal of your Equipment Tracking Home / Portable Use Authorization form. Some devices require more attention, like tablets and cellphones – but more to come!  

Time to complete your 2023 form by January 31. Start with this form, fill it out, click submit and we will handle the next level of approvals.
Let us know your questions via Google chat with Tom Vigilante or Tony Armisto! Better yet, drop by SI and say hi! 

EH&PS New Employee Resources and IT Onboarding

Welcome all new team members! Set new hires up for a successful start with resources and tools for work – better yet, need a refresher?

EH&PS employee onboarding resources and IT checklist information is available for both supervisors and employees, a quick way to get started.


Campus Resources

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