About Strategic Initiatives

Our team

Strategic Initiatives provides division wide support for information technology, training and select software implementation.  Our team leverages partnerships across the univeristy for access and focuses on providing customer support to departments within Environmental Health and Public Safety:

  • To provide access to new technology  – university level opportunities, explore enterprise solutions, develop small programming and assist with tech support;
  • To provide efficient storage of data and compliance with university data use and security regulations;
  • To provide a high level of cyber security and privacy, asset tracking/auditing and assist with purchasing of new software and hardware;
  • To provide disaster recovery, business continuity and data back-up services;
  • To assist with ongoing technology based programs – training, webpages, telecommunications and more!


Using ServiceNow, our team can triage a variety of service requests.  For the complete list, visit IT Services.  Using the university’s ServiceNow platform, submissions are assigned for quick internal support, escalation or best course of action. Strategic Initiatives does not charge for services or support provided to EH&PS; disregard any costs or charges that may appear in the portal with a request.


NC State is rich in resource information.  We leverage partnerships with other colleges/departments and with the Office of Information Technology to enhance the IT framework for the common good of the university.
Communications, branding, data storage, data security and compliance, onbaording new employees and more are located in our Resources.

Equipment Checkout

Leveraging shared resources allows us to invest in a variety of hardware.  It’s not just about purchasing new equipment, It’s important to consider not only the initial cost but also the long-term use, maintenance and replacement costs.  As departments replace individually assigned assets, Strategic Initiatives offers some shared equipment, available for use via reservation.  Know of a new technology that would benefit our division? Let us know!