Equipment Checkout

EP&SI has established a checkout system for equipment available to all EH&PS departments.  The form below should be utilized to reserve equipment you would like to utilize.

You must verify the item you wish to reserve has not already been assigned to another user during the time period you schedule! This calendar is also available for viewing in Google Calendars, search for “EH&PS Portable equipment”, owned by EHS resources on your Gmail calendar.

Please return all items at the end of your reservation.  All items must be returned at the end of the business day.

Our current inventory of equipment available includes:

  • 4 IPAD Air units  with attached IPENCIL 2
  • 2 IPAD 7th gen (Requires IPENCIL 1)
  • 3 MiFI hotspots
  • 1 Surface Pro
  • 1 OIT imaged spare laptop
  • 1 Non-imaged spare laptop
  • 1 OWL video conference camera

Utilize this form to reserve your equipment!

EHPS Equipment checkout

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