Plan your events

This page provides a summarized view of the steps and things to consider when planning an event at NC State. Each page or section will have detailed information about the topic and policies that may apply. Here is an overview of the major event process, from event registration and review to approval!

Who Can Help?

An overview of the various departments that can help plan events. A list of campus partners and the services they provide.

Academic Classrooms – Room Reservations for Student Groups

Centennial Campus – Activation and Events

Conference Services – University Housing

Continuing and Lifelong Education – McKimmon Center Conference Management Services

Student Center Events – General Information

Student Organization Events – General Information

Planning Guide

The basic requirements for planning events at NC State. Resources and tools to help with the planning process.

Tents, Canopies, Elevated Stages

Facility Use Agreements

Insurance Requirements

Facility Use Insurance Requirements (Student Centers)

Animals on Campus


Transportation and Parking

Noise and Amplified Sound

Special Events

Highlights different tiers of university special events that engage university leadership and any special requirements those events may have.

University Special Event Planning Resources

Venue Reservations

Explains the process for reserving space on campus and an overview of freqently requested venues.

Campus Space Reservations – Contact list

Student Center Events – Reservations

Classrooms – Room Reservations for Student Groups

Centennial Campus – Activation and Events

Event Support Rates

Explanation of the work orders that need to be placed for every event.

Zero Waste Events – Waste & Recycling Services

Student Center Services and Support

Police Services

Fire and EMS Support

Press and Media

Guidance for working with the press and media at events.

Press and Media

Campus Brand

Safety and Security

Details the safety and security requirements for events at NC State.

Emergency Preparedness


Minors on Campus/Youth Program Compliance

Parking and Transportation

Organize event parking, shuttles and alternative transportation options. 

Parking Permits

Campus Maps

Event Parking and Support Services

Catering and Alcohol

Reviews the options and policies for having catering and alcohol at events.

Catering – On campus Service

Photography and Video

Policies and information for filming and photographing events.

Photography and Video