Masters Campers Insurance Policy

The Nationwide Campers policy provides Accident Coverage for day and overnight academic youth programs at NC State.

  • Coverage Limit: $25,000 per occurrence
  • Day Camp Cost per person: $.30/day ($2.10/week, Based on 7-day week)
  • Overnight Camp Cost per person: $.51/day ($3.57/week, Based on 7-day week)

Coverage must be requested at least two weeks prior to the start of the camp. To request coverage, please complete the campers insurance request form. Once IRM receives your request, a policy packet will be sent to you via email. Premiums are billed through the NC State Financial Portal. Final camp attendance must be reported within 2 days after the camp has ended. Final billing is based upon the actual attendance numbers.

How to File a Claim:

In the event of an accident, take the participant to the nearest appropriate medical facility for care. Provide the policy number to the provider for billing purposes. Make sure you ask for a statement of the services and charges before you leave the facility. These documents are needed in order to file the claim on behalf of the participant. Send the completed claim form, along with any supporting documents, to IRM.