2022-2023 Annual Report

Environmental Health and Public Safety is quick to identify and respond to a multitude of campus challenges and uncertainties. Transformative programming, innovation and strategic planning push us forward and reaching higher, as we continue to adjust to an evolving campus climate. Our division celebrates notable accomplishments, new programming and best practices, with a roundup of reflections and celebrations!

A Detailed Review

Health & Safety

Emergency Preparedness & Strategic Initiatives


Applications & Technology



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A Snap Shot Of Success

Emergency Preparedness & Strategic Initiatives

Go Pack

Happy First Birthday.

After one year as a new department, EPSI celebrates streamlined, collaborative programming and efficacies, including implementing enterprise software solutions in Insurance and Risk Management, shaping new partnerships in EMMC and revised programming in Fire and Life Safety, to meet the needs of today’s NC State community.

Environmental Health & Safety

Laboratory Inspections

Collaborative inspection team.

A new laboratory inspection group was established and by the end of the year, this team completed over 750 lab inspections.  With new software to track corrective actions to closure, EHS provides researchers with guidance and educating them on safety requirements.

Risk Assessment

Survey Says

Moving all of us foward.

Seizing opportunity, our team members developed a benchmarking survey instrument for UNC System on protection of minors programming in the seventeen system schools.

Security Applications & Technologies

The Plan

Leaders in the UNC System.

Created, written and published by SAT, the second iteration of the Security Master Plan rolled out this year. It has been used as a template for UNC System schools and other public agencies.


Wolfing Around

Moving us all foward

Transportation has navigated the Wolfline bus system through challenging times, leading to the reduction of the fleet and redesign of bus routes and schedules. Team efforts addressed bus driver shortages head-on and implemented a variety of innovative approaches and strategies to mitigate the impacts of the shortage.

University Police

Reaching Out

Expanding our community reach.

The Police Department participated in the US Department of Defense’s SkillBridge Program, that provides retiring and transitioning service members the opportunity to participate in training programs while transitioning out of their Military careers.

Welcome To Our New Staff

Kass – EPSI

John – EPSI

Bob – EHS

Mandy – EHS

Bryce – EHS

Andrew – EPSI

Lauren – Risk Assessment

Anthony – Police

Brenda – EHS

Willie – EHS

Dylan – SAT

Aly – EHS

Eric – SAT


  • Bryan
  • Jesse
  • Shilena
  • Amanda

University Police

  • Randy
  • Zachary
  • Jackson
  • Dominic
  • Alexander
  • Steven

Employee Recognitions and Development

Emergency Preparedness & Strategic Initiatives

Environmental Health & Safety

Risk Assessment

Security Applications & Technology


University Police

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